Are you looking for ways to earn extra income or start a new business in Kenya? With ErrandersKE, you have a unique opportunity to make money offering a variety of services or selling esential products to people around you. Whether your skills lie in beauty, cleaning, home repairs, or delivery services, there’s always a demand for what you do. Join us and turn your expertise into a profitable venture while making a difference in your community!

Explore Opportunities in Our Diverse Categories.

At ErrandersKE, we offer a wide range of services you can start offering in your location to earn extra income. Here are some of the services:

  1. Agrovet Services: Provide essential supplies like fertilizers, seeds, and pest control solutions, helping local farmers succeed.
  2. Bakery / Cakes Shop: Start a bakery or a cake shop and provide delicious baked goods for various celebrations in your Location.
  3. Beauty & Self Care: Open a salon, spa, or barbershop, offering services like haircuts, makeup, massages, and nail care.
  4. Building & Construction: Provide services such as borehole drilling, flooring, landscaping, and general contracting.
  5. Cleaning Services: Specialize in cleaning homes, Clothes, carpets, cars and more.
  6. Parcel / Courier Services: Help people send and receive packages conveniently.
  7. Daily Needs: Offer your services as a Errandboy, handyman, clean water supplier, househelp, tailor, shoeshiner and more.
  8. Delivery Services: Deliver food, meat, cooking gas, groceries, medicine and more.
  9. Digital Services: Offer digital services like cyber services, web development, social media marketing, copywriting, and more.
  10. Dine & Accommodation: Offer food and accommodation services. Start a restaurant, guesthouse, campsite, food court or a hotel.
  11. Entertainment: Offer services as a DJ, MC, event organizer, photographer and more.
  12. Fabrication & Welding: Provide custom fabrication services for high-quality metalwork.
  13. Fumigation Services: Keep homes and businesses pest-free with fumigation services.
  14. Furniture Shop: Sell locally made furniture.
  15. Gaming & PlayStations: Open a gaming hub.
  16. Gyms & Fitness: Offer fitness classes like yoga, self-defense, gymnastics and more.
  17. Hardware / Materials Shops: Provide building materials like timber, cement, steel, terrazzos and more.
  18. Health Services: Offer health services such as dental care, eye care, pharmacy or run a hospital.
  19. Home Services: Provide home maintenance services like carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, painting and more.
  20. Installation & Mounting: Offer installation services for internet, DSTV, CCTV cameras, and more or help people with problems mounting their TV.
  21. Items Dealers: Deal in secondhand items, scrap metals, juakali products, and more.
  22. Learning & Education: Start a daycare, language class, driving school, training institute and more.
  23. Packers & Movers: Help people relocate smoothly and efficiently.
  24. Pet Care Services: Offer pet care services like pet grooming, walking, training, veterinary services and more.
  25. Product Shops: Sell foodstuff, eggs, charcoal, cereals, detergents and more.
  26. Rent / Hire: Rent out cars, machines, event supplies and more.
  27. Repair & Maintenance: Repair vehicles, machines, electronics, appliances and more. Help people keep their belongings in good working condition.
  28. Sewage & Waste Management: Offer waste management services like garbage collection, sewage unblocking and more. Keep your community clean and healthy.
  29. Shipping & Cargo Services: Provide shipping and logistics services.
  30. Sign Writers: Create signs and banners for advertising.
  31. Social Work: Offer tutoring, healthcare and more. Support your community through valuable social contributions.
  32. Tools & Spares Shops: Sell spare parts for bikes, cars, electronics and more.
  33. Tour & Travel: Offer tour and travel services.
  34. Towing & Recovery: Provide towing and recovery services for vehicles.
  35. Transport: Offer transportation services with your lorry, pickup, tuktuk, cart and more.

Why ErrandersKE?

ErrandersKE is your gateway to a thriving online presence! In today’s digital landscape, whether you are offering home calls or have a fixed workstation, connecting with local customers is key, and that’s where ErrandersKE comes in. By showcasing your services on our platform, you tap into a vast pool of potential clients, making it effortless to expand and grow your local business. Our platform is designed to make your business visible 24/7, and help potential customers reach out to you even when you’re offline. Start a local business in Kenya with ErrandersKE and watch it soar!

Start Your Journey with ErrandersKE!

Ready to start offering services in your location and earn money? List Your Business Today! Join a growing network of service providers and connect with customers in need of your expertise. Your skills and services are in demand – let ErrandersKE help you reach more people and grow your local business.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to empower your local business and make a difference in your community.


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